Workshop on Subjective Expectations



December 4-5, 2020

Organized  by:
Adeline Delavande – University of Technology Sydney

Sabine Kröger – Laval University

Basit Zafar – University of Michigan



DAY 1: December 4, 2020



9:25am (PST); 12:25pm (EST); 5:25pm (GMT); 4:25am (+1) (AEDT)


Plenary Talk I (45 min)

9:30am (PST); 12:30pm (EST); 5:30pm (GMT); 4:30am (+1) (AEDT)


Breakout Rooms (15 min)

10:15am (PST); 1:15pm (EST); 6:15pm (GMT); 5:15am (+1) (AEDT)


Session I: Flash Talks (7 min each + 18 min Q&A)

10:30am (PST); 1:30pm (EST); 6:30pm (GMT); 5:30am (+1) (AEDT)


Breakout Rooms (15 min)

11:25am (PST); 2:25pm (EST); 7:25pm (GMT); 6:25am (+1) (AEDT)


SESSION II: Short Talks (15 min each + 15 min Q&A)

11:45am (PST); 2:45pm (EST); 7:45pm (GMT); 6:45am (+1) (AEDT)


Breakout Rooms (15 min)

1:00pm (PST); 4:00pm (EST); 9:00pm (GMT); 8:00am (+1) (AEDT)


SESSION III: METHODS Panel (45 min Discussion)

1:15pm (PST); 4:15pm (EST); 9:15pm (GMT); 8:15am (+1) (AEDT)

moderated by Adeline Delavande

Talks will be pre-recorded. Please watch them and send questions in advance to




  • Measuring Expectations: The Effect of Response Mode on the Use of Focal Responses, Validity, and Respondents’ Evaluations
    Wändi Bruine de Bruin (University of Southern California), with Katherine Carman (RAND Corporation)
    Video :


  • Modelling Subjective Conditional Probability Distribution for Future Income - A Flexible Approach Applied to Data from India and Colombia
    Orazio Attanasio (University College London), with Manuel Arellano (CEMEI), Britta Augsburg (Institute for Fiscal Studies) and Sam Crossman (Institute for Fiscal Studies)
    Video :


Conclude Day 1
2:00pm (PST); 5:00pm (EST); 10:00pm (GMT); 9:00am (+1) (AEDT)


DAY 2: December 5, 2020


SESSION IV: Short Talks (15 min each + 15 min Q&A)
10:00am (PST); 1:00pm (EST); 6:00pm (GMT); 5:00am (+1) (AEDT)

Breakout Rooms (15 min)
11:15am (PST); 2:15pm (EST); 7:15pm (GMT); 6:15am (+1) (AEDT)


SESSION V: Flash Talks (7 min each + 18 min Q&A)

11:30am (PST); 2:30pm (EST); 7:30pm (GMT); 6:30am (+1) (AEDT) 

Breakout Room (15 min)
12:30pm (PST); 3:30pm (EST); 8:30pm (GMT); 7:30am (+1) (AEDT)


Plenary Talk II (45 min)

12:45am (PST); 3:45pm (EST); 8:45pm (GMT); 7:45am (+1) (AEDT)


Conclude Day 2

1:30pm (PST); 4:30pm (EST); 9:30pm (GMT); 8:30am (+1) (AEDT)


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